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Harley. 17 years young. Chances are, I don't give a fuck.
I just creeped the shit outta your Tumblr that you don't use anymore. =p
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I hope that soon you can be the mother I expected you to be and that you can grow up and that your life will go well for you, I have no idea what I did to you but clearly it was pretty bad. I hope you and Kyle are happy and that parties won't be a part of your lives as young parents and to save myself from listening to you say this is a lie when it's not I will gladly block you so that A: I don't have to put up with you being crazy and B: you't have to hear my logic.
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I assume this is Kayla. NOT SURE WHY YOU WILL NOT GO AWAY. But I have grown up. Shut the hell up and go away. Christ. My life and Kyle’s life obviously is NOT your business. So do us a favor and stay out of it. :) That goes for everyone. Even if that wasn’t Kayla. You’re annoying.


And I’m the one who’s immature.

Did I ever tell you I really hate you? No? Well I really hate you.







I used to have a best friend named Harley. Recently she refuses to talk to me at all. I don’t know what I’ve done to her but its breaking my heart. I just realized that she had forgotten to block me on tumblr (she blocked me on Facebook) I saw her sonogram and burst out in tears. I know she’s…

Such bullshit though. I’m dying.

Too bad it wasn’t? I have no idea what’s wrong with you, but I haven’t done anything to you so please grow up, for your child’s sake.

Don’t fucking bring my child into anything. In fact, don’t you ever fucking mention my child. I’d tell you what you did, but you’d say exactly what you just did, “I never did anything.” So, why tell you?

And my dear, I did grow up. Thank you. Hence the reason why I blocked you and quit dealing with you.

Clearly you didn’t considering I didn’t do anything to you? I really didn’t. And you’re the one who ha to take a perfectly nice this I posted and turn it into an argument and why did you do that? Who knows, apparently because you can’t help but be rude for no reason.

I’m not rude. Obviously I’m telling the truth. Everyone knows you play victim to everything. Plus, you had the nerve to mention my child. Which, in fact, is your only defense to anything with me. Remember how you said, you’d “abort that shit”? Gee, I wouldn’t think that people would hate me after such a nice comment, either. And I said something because all you’re doing is looking for sympathy, Kayla, like you always do. Always. And you’re trying making me look like the bad person that I’m not. Everyone has come to the realization that you’re just a shitty person. And you know what? Keep saying I need to grow up and that I’m immature, because all that matters at this point is that I know I’ve grown up a lot. You’re an awful friend and you’ll never change your shitty ways. Good night and happy new year, asshole.

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I’d say about 60% of the stories I tell go unfinished because either someone cuts me off or I stop talking because I realize that no one is listening

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love you <3

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For once, I don’t have to wish for a better year. I know 2013 will literally be the best year. 2013 will be the year I get to meet my son for the first time. There’s nothing better than that and I couldn’t ask for any better.